What do you think is the most effective way to teach children about the environment?



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    Show them!  For most kids, learning comes by doing.  If they can see the physical changes they are making by taking care of the environment then they’ll be more likely to repeat those behaviors in the future.

    Make it personal.  Have them recycle their trash.  Have them plant the fruits and veggies they like.  Depending on their age, have them look into ways they can change their own behavior to be more green (maybe they walk to school one day a week or eat a vegetarian lunch two days a week).  

    Make it fun! Are they competitive?  Have them create contests between siblings or neighborhood kids to see who can recycle the most or save the most energy or go the longest without watching TV.

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    Show them by being environmentally friendly yourself.  Just like rn4fldhcky said, make it fun for them!  If it’s fun they’ll be more likely to continue being eco-friendly.  

    Next time the kids are watching TV show them The Lorax.  It’s a Dr. Seuss book that was turned into a video – when I was a kid and was is currently being remade into a two hour animated movie.  It shows what happens when the environment isn’t taken care of but in a Dr. Seuss-like way.  

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    Like everyone else mentioned, getting children involved and having fun is the best way for them to learn about the environment. The Disney Channel along with many other kid’s television networks have launched environmental campaigns to help spread messages to viewers. Their goal is to help teach kids the importance of being green, and they do this through the influence of their television stars. I think this is a great marketing technique, as well as a great way to help spread important messages to large demographics. 

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