What do you think is the most beautiful flower in Africa?



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    The most beautiful african flower, in my opinion, is the blue iris. The iris flower interestingly has around 200 different color variations however, blue is by far the most popular. The iris stems from Ancient Greece and was named after Iris the greek goddess personifying the rainbow. These flowers hold alot of sentiment and are given as gifts because of their uniqueness and sheer beauty. Although they grow in the wild all over the world, blue iris flowers are commonly found in North Africa.

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    I’m a fan of the blue lotus. In addition to being a beautiful water lily that sits peacefully in the middle of a pond, it is known for its medicinal properties. You can find blue lotus in teas or in extract form. I’ve never tried it personally, but given its widespread popularity it probably works.

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    I believe the most beautiful African flower is Geissorhiza radians, also known as winecups or satin flowers. They come in a few different colors, but I think the most beautiful is a deep blue/purple flower with a bright red center. This red center is outlined in white and has black and white spots close to the stamens. They belong to the family Iridaceae, which contains many other beautiful African flowers.

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