What do you think is the most beautiful creature in the world?

Just a question I thought I would throw out there!


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    The Quetzal is a beautiful bird that lives in the tropical forests of Central America.  They’re incredibly colorful, with jewel toned plumage.  Unfortunately, they are threatened.  They are sometimes trained for captivity or killed, but the primary reason for their decline is deforestation.  Quetzals used to be sacred to the Ancient Mayans and Aztecs.  

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    Creature. Well, we’re all creatures. I don’t think that there really is a “most beautiful creature in the world” per se. However, that is a subjective opinion. I could find another human being the most beautiful for his view on life, the way he is, and the complexity that drives his thoughts, but he may only be that way to me. (: On the other hand, maybe that’s what’s so beautiful about life, that we can see and appreciate beauty, whether it is another life form or whether it is the mere simplicity and graciousness of existing.

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      Granted if I had noticed the deeper implications of my question as you did I would have rephrased it to sound less judgmental towards the beauty all around us. The better question to be asked might be: what exotic or interesting life forms do you know of? My aim having been to see what amazing things people come up with for the sake of my information sweet tooth.

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    I’ve always thought snow leopards were stunning 

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    Not the most exotic animal, but I’ve always thought horses were really amazing looking. Their legs and necks are very graceful, and the way their muscles play under their skin is so interesting. They tend to have beautiful eyes, as well.

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    Cheetahs for me. Plenty of more common creatures are incredible, too. There’s definitely no wrong answer to this question.

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    Butterflies and moths are some of the most amazing, beautiful creatures on Earth, in my opinion. Here is a picture of a sunset moth from Madagascar.

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    I’ve always found the polar bear to be particularly stunning 


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    I think the Lion is just an amazing creature. I have always been mesmerized by the elgance and intimidation its presence evokes.

    However, ever since Hedwig i had an affection for the beautiful white snow owl.

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    I love the hanging glow worms found in New Zealand’s caves, not so much because of how the individual larvae look, but because of their combined effect.  


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