What do you think Mccain would have done for the environment?



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    McCain is not considered an environmentalist, but he does have some experience in the area: In 2002, he introduced a bill that would raise fuel-economy standards to 36 miles per gallon by 2016; In 2003, McCain co-sponsored the first bill in the Senate to mandate reductions in the emissions; He held hearings in 2003 & 2004 on climate change while he was Chair of the Senate Commerce Committee; He has always opposed drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; Finally, he supports a cap-and-trade program for factory emissions. Here are some of the ‘negatives’ of McCain’s history concerning the environment: Supports the development of more nuclear power plants; Believes continued coal use should be considered. Also supports development of coal gasification and carbon capture/storage for coal plants; Voted against the 2007 energy bill which mandated improved fuel economy standards by 2020; Opposed President Clinton’s “roadless rule” in the National Forest system which would have prevented timber companies from taking trees from reserves.

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    This is very debatable. One the one hand, McCain has received millions in donations from the same oil, coal, nuclear, chemical, utility, and auto companies that helped the Bush administration create its energy plan—a plan that has raised gasoline to $4 a gallon. (according to the Center for American Progress Action Fund)

    On the other hand, McCain said he wants to “set this nation on a course to building 45 new reactors by the year 2030, with the ultimate goal of 100 new plants to power the homes and factories and cities of America” by 2030.

    Until something actually happens, it is hard to say for sure what he “would” have done.

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