What do you think is the main reason people go “green”?


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    I think more and more people are beginning to realize it’s something we MUST do if humans want to continue our way of life. The planet physically can’t continue to produce enough resources at the rate we’re using them, and global warming will cause shortages of food and water to people all over the world, especially in the poorest regions. To prevent unnecessary suffering, we must live more sustainably.

    Some also have emotional or spiritual reasons for protecting the environment.  Personally, I think it’s wrong to needlessly extinguish Earth’s countless magnificent species that have taken millions of years to evolve. There may not be another world like ours; I guarentee we’ll miss it when it’s gone

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    I think the main reason people go green is for self-satisfaction of knowing they are part of something bigger. I think going green involves an individual making a choice to intergrate themselves into the community at-large.

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    I can’t necessarily speak for the entire population, but I can elaborate on why I decided to start living my life in a more “green” fashion. I started because I was taught how much the world needs change. I believe that small changes can make a huge difference. When people see me recycling or using my own grocery bag I feel that the responsibility passes along. That person realizes that it is easy to make these small changes in your life. My suggestions would be to make one small change at a time. If you feel that you can handle more, change more.

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    One reason might be the shocking realization that every day activities that are seen as the norm are actually quite ecologically degrading. It begins with the realization, the internal ethical debate, then usually ends with a change in behavior.

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    Personally, I have found doing things in “greener” ways promotes a healthier way of being, and it was also more economically sound. For instance, I save a few thousand dollars every year on gas just by riding my bike everywhere I need to go, and it also gives me the exercise I need to stay healthy.



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    For me personally, having a greener lifestyle has helped me feel like I am contributing to the well being of the earth. It is scary at times to think of how fast the earth is changing, with the change in climate patterns and amount of pollution. Even though I take small steps every day to be greener, I think my small effort still has an impact on the world. It makes me feel good knowing that I can help. 

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    Humans, I believe, have always had the desire to do what it takes to live harmoniously with the environment. Overtime, however, we have become so distracted by all sorts of other things (myself, included) that have, unfortunately, left us negligent of the Earth and her needs. 

    I believe that as of late, we have seen the impact of what we can do to both negatively and positively affect the planet. And as the sense of comraderie and fighting for a better cause picks up steam, so hopefully will our positive impact in the future. 

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    I think that with greater evidence of global warming, people are realizing the toll we are taking on the earth. There have been many warnings issued about global warming, and whether or not they have been inflated, many people now see that environmentally unfriendly behavior has serious repercussions. I want to preserve the earth for future generations. Nature shouldn’t be replaced by what we create artificially.

    But at the same time, I think some people go green just because it’s trendy. Being eco-friendly is in style right now, and it’s a little concerning that once it’s not a hot issue, some might begin to ignore it.

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    I think at some point, one begins to see what is actually happening and it can be quite alarming. I’m referring to the pace at which natural resources are consumed, the amount of waste that is produced daily, and the general deterioration of our earth, wildlife, and water/air quality. I’ve always been raised to be be environmentally conscious but a few years ago I realized what I was doing was not enough… not even close! I was still polluting, still creating a lot of waste. Since then I’ve made a real effort to cut down on this waste as much as I can, in many ways. I still think it’s not enough, which to me is a good thing; it means I’m still paying attention and don’t think my work is done. 

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    I think people go green for a variety of reasons. At the heart I think they realize that our planet can not sustain its current consumption patterns before ecological collapse. People want to help and go green especially if they have lost faith in governments to implement serious sustainability initiatives. Of course going green inevitably is better for our health and saves money. These are pretty important reasons for some people to join the green movement.

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    Overall I believe people that truly adapt the “green” lifestyle care about the environment and want to their part to make it better.  Right now, going “green” is kind of a new trend.  Green products are now viable commodities and a growing business as consumers look for alternatives in living a sustainable life.

     Although it is a positive and healthy trend and the best fad to become a lemming for, I hope living “green” outgrows its trendy stage and becomes as classic as the little black dress.

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