What do you think is the least amount of water we can use and still live comfortably?



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    According to Water on Tap, the average daily human consumption of water per person is 100 gallons per day. The breakdown goes as follows:

    bathing – 20 gpcd (gallons per capita per day)
    toilet flushing – 24 gpcd
    drinking and cooking – 2 gpcd
    garbage disposal – 1 gpcd
    dishwasher – 4 gpcd
    car wash – 2.5 gpcd
    laundry – 8.5 gpcd
    lawn watering and swimming pools – 25 gpcd.

    Perhaps what we can do to cut back on our daily water consumption is to switch from our traditional car wash habits to using waterless products. Learn more about this method at: http://www.waterlesscarwash2000.com/
    Instead of doing laundry several times a week, do it in bulk, to maximize the use of washers. Lastly, instead of using dishwashers perhaps you can also do your dishes by hand and make sure to turn off the faucet while soaping. As for watering lawns, perhaps we can use watering cans instead of water hoses to monitor how much water we have been using.

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