What do you think the kitchen of the future will look like?



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    Future kitchen designs should be focused on energy efficiency and waste minimization. This could involve alternatively-powered, low-wattage appliances and lower-flow faucets. Garbage disposals could be integrated into compost systems. Gas stoves may become a thing of the past, pending the development of more-efficient electric models.

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    The kitchen of the future will look clean and simple. Kitchen elements will be constructed of recycled materials and appliances will be energy efficient and also created from sustainable materials. The size of appliances will be more compact and be designed to be used for a shorter time.

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    GE has already been hard at work on designing the kitchens of the future. They consist of energy efficient refrigerators, stoves, microwaves, dish washers, washing machines and dryers, and hot water heaters, all connected to the internet and smart grids that automatically send the appliances into energy conservation modes and various other things to help save energy.

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    This is something that I have never though about before.  I think that overall, the general layout of the kitchen will remain the same.  The only thing that will probably change is the appliances.  With advancements in technology, there will be different ways to do things, but I can’t really imagine any drastic changes.

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