What do you think of Jessica Alba’s The Honest Company?

She co-founded it with the creator of Shoedazzle. It’s supposed to be a green diaper company, amongst other things like eco-friendly sunscreen. I think it’s a great idea! The only con is that it’s all online. What do you guys think? I included a link to an article about this company –> http://pandodaily.com/2012/01/16/oh-baby-jessica-alba-and-brian-lee-launch-honest-com/



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    It is great that Jessica Alba is working to promote green diapers. This is a perfect way to gain attention and support her image. Her green diaper company can help babies become more healthier (by avoiding rash) and making it become a more eco-friendly product. Althuogh, not sure how this is an environmental issue in the world today. 

    According to pandodaily, “The Honest Company will have a marketing challenge that its clear value proposition, snazzy patterns and celebrity power may not be enough to overcome. “It’s hard to get women to switch brands,” Lee admits. “We need to catch them before they get too addicted to the Luvs and Pampers.” That or they need to find more moms like me who think it’s well worth the switch for my baby to be in cuter diapers I can trust.” 

    Her company has a $40 million investment on shoedazzle. It’s good that Alba & Lee is supporting this action! Good for them. 

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    I think that it’s important to distinguish what is truly green and what is marketable. The adjective “green” is highly marketable nowadays. Companies make huge sums by selling themselves to the right demographic under the false pretense of environmental responsiblity. The worst offender is Whole Foods, which is, as some people forget, a publicly traded company–one that woos yuppies and academics into their arms by giving the impression that their produce is unloaded straight off the truck from uncle lou’s farm, and their spices were bought for a fair price just last week from a rosy cheeked woman in Calcutta.  

    Anyways I digress. I don’t know much about this company. But I would be very, very careful when a celebrity starts telling you her diapers are green, especially if they’re disposable! (if you actually want a green baby, try cloth diapers).

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      So true! So many companies are labeling stuff as “natural” or “green” when it really isn’t. I checked their site and there isn’t much up there yet, I believe it launches tomorrow officially. I’m not a mom or expecting to be one anytime soon, so I’ll pass along the cloth idea to my sister.

      I liked your Whole Foods answer. I’m living in Austin right now so there’s a lot of people I know crazy about Whole Foods. However, I’ve yet to shop there. I think the “greenest” store I’ve shopped at is Wheatsville Co-op. What’s your opinion on Sweet Leaf? I love that brand.

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      There was a time when sweet leaf was a grassroots company. I remember tasting some in Oregon a while back and saying, damn, that’s good. Alas, like so many other small envirocentric brands before it, Sweet Leaf has succumbed to the giants. They were bought out by Nestle, I think. These little company’s are goldmines for food conglomerates. (FYI coke owns honest tea and tazo I think). They buy the brand, ramp up production and distribution while keeping the name. This allows them to exploit a different market sector than they would be able to as nestle or pespsi or coke.

      It’s very difficult for the CEO of a small company with 20-30 employees to say no when nestle comes to them and says “I like what you’re doing here, I’ll give you 50 million for it.” Even the most die hard hippies have a hard time holding out. So, please, enjoy your sweet leaf. It is good. But please, please don’t be wooed into thinking that what you’re drinking is grassroots and good for the planet. Putting stuff like that in your body is hard to find, unfortunately.

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      Ah, here I was thinking they weren’t owned by a huge company. Thanks for your wisdom!

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    They are not owned by a big company. They are soley owned; I looked into it. I think they had 5 employees up until last week when they launched and now maybe 20. I ordered their products and everything event he diapers come with all ingredients labeled on them. You will not find another diaper company who lists their ingredients! I have looked and looked and if you request it from Pampers they will still not give it to you. 

    I am pretty sure this company is as green as it gets. I am very satisfied with the product too. My diapers work super well and the cleaning products are great! 


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      I ordered the Family Essentials bundle. How did you like the products? I wasn’t too fond of the healing balm, but I think that’s cause I didn’t like the smell of it.

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