What do you think it will take for our energy bill to finally get passed?



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    Technically, it will take convincing half of the undecided senators (there are about 20 who are notably undecided, 50 who will support the bill entirely, and 30 who are against it, give or take a few). What do these undecided senators want? Many of them want further explanation of the bill. They want the EPA to make a firm explanation and analysis of what a cap-and-trade system will do, and they want assurance that their contingency won’t suffer due to the bill passing. To be honest, many people might suffer economically in the short-term, and if you are a senator and you voted for the bill, those who are suffering in your district will not want to re-elect you.

    Look up your senator, and see what their stance is on the climate bill that’s currently under debate. If they are against it or undecided, call them or send them a letter strongly in support of the climate bill. Get your friends to do the same. Influence from the people who vote for the senator can be potent.

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