What do you think is going to be the best thing that will happen for the environment in 2010?



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    Obama is calling for a coprehensive environmental bill which is supposed to incentivate renewable energy, penalize carbon emissions, and stiumlate the economy by investing more oney int environmentally friendly practices. If this bill is passed in the capacity that Obama is calling for, then it will be the most significant piece of environmental legislation since the Kyoto Protocol.

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    I think more people will start taking action on the individual and local levels.  It is become clear that a global pact and action by governments is hard to arrange, and thus more people will take action.  Many are already acting to upgrade their cars and homes to become more energy efficient. I feel people understand fully that becoming more eco-friendly also translates to better personal health and more money saved.  So I think more people will get involved.

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    I think the environmental movement will become much more wide-spread among the ‘everyday-man’.  Despite all effort many people are still clueless to the way the world works.  However with films like The Cove and Food Inc grabbing national attention, I think it might lead the way for people to actually start paying attention. 

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    Continued and increased education is the best thing that can happen for the world. Venues such as the World Cup and World Series must have advertisements that promote conservation and the Green Movement. Schools should continue to tell children why it is important to protect our environment and children can become involved in projects to do so. Education is the key to conservation and with media like the Internet and television, we can continue to make great strides forward.

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    Seeing as the year is almost over, I think we can only now talk about what was the best thing that happened for the environment in 2010.  Being a California native, I think that the defeat of Prop 23 in the general elections this year was a big deal.  It seems to be one of the first times the environment was put ahead of the economy.  Hopefully this will become a major trend throughout the rest of the United States.

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