What do you think the future of nuclear power will be?



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    Here’s my (reasoned, I hope) speculation. I think that nuclear power faces a huge obstacle in proper waste disposal. Beyond that, however, it’s a fairly well-established and surprisingly clean form of energy. It may play a huge part in helping to pick up the slack as we wean ourselves off of fossil fuels and move toward various renewable sources. Perhaps as we move forward the stigma associated with nuclear power will wane a bit, but the biggest factor in it’s long-term viability is definitely the problem with radioactive waste. If renewable sources can replace nuclear power, I’m sure they will — but I suspect we’ll need nuclear power at least a bit longer. If we manage to solve the waste problem, we may very well have it for the foreseeable future. Waste, to me, is the deciding factor — the “dealbreaker” if you will — of nuclear power.

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