What do you think the future of cities will look like?



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    I think, in hope, that our future cities will be ones of cleaner air, bluer skies, and freer breathing. There will me more people walking on our streets, in an effort to conserve energy. People will be more educated about the state of the earth and play their part to preserve her.

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    Hopefully in America, more condensed spaces with multiple mass transit options. Green buildings will be the norm, as the architecture around the world will take hold in a sustainable mindset. Hopefully also there will be minimal cars in the road due to the plethora of mass transit, but the cars that are there will be electric or non emitting vehicles.

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    I think there will be smarter buildings that know more about what is going on within them, and more efficient functioning buildings. They don’t have to look a certain way, but I think using natural light in new construction will be very important. Big windows and green roofs!

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    Well, it will be a gradual change so it’s not like NYC will look completely different or anything in the next 100 years unless something catastrophic happened. I think over time, however, we will have to first make it so buildings use renewable energy. I think wind energy will be harnessed on a large scale and building-by-building but it will be incorporated into the design. New buildings will have to be more of a reflection of their environment, utilizing natural resources, and harnessing sun and wind exposure and will more closely reflect the aesthetic of living buildings.

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    I am hoping to see more green rooftops in the future.  There are a lot of benefits to them, and I think that they are really beneficial to have in cities.  I would also like more cities to develop an accessible, reliable public transit system.

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    To be honest, I hope our future cities would look like they came straight out of science fiction. Flying cars, tall building, etc. Naturally I would want it to be more efficient and sustainable.  Hopefully by this time, we have the technology and desire to see all of this happen.

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    If we don’t deal with air and water pollution, cities could look really murky with darker, dirty air and brown rivers. However, if we do fix our pollution issues, we could see frequent blue skies, fewer asthma attacks, less cars and more bikes. 

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