What do you think drives the funding for green projects?



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    Personally, I think that both popular trends and increased environmental awareness and responsibility both drive the funding for green projects. According to an article in the Washington Times (2011), “going green is a hot topic in pop culture”. Reid from Environmental Leader (2011), states that occurences like the Gulf oil spill have brought about a need for environmental accountability. Businesses are liable to the communties that they serve and people within these communites are demanding more social and environmental responsibiltiy.

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    Somewhat piggybacking on what nellieliz4 said, social image also drives what organizations or projects funders will give their money to.  If a topic is hot or popular or can put the funder in a good light with their peers, their customers or is something they can use to boost their brand or image, the funder will be more likely to support the cause.  Since going green and being environmentally aware is now a hot button issue (as it should be) funders and companies in general are going to be more likely to support environmentally friendly causes and projects.  I think a lot of companies (and their employees) genuinely do care about the environment and the impact that their company is having on the environment and then unfortunately there are many others that will support a project simply for the good media coverage they’ll receive.

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    I think private parties have also played a role in funding green projects.  They do it in various ways, but the school I went to last year recieved a huge donation a few years ago to fund the construction of a new business school building that was eco-friendly.  Those who are wealthy and see the urgency for the development of green projects can make a huge difference. 

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    I agree with what mcoffey mentioned, I think a lot of the funding comes from private parties. A lot of the green sponsored projects in my community are done through donations. For example, an older park in my city was re-done and given more eco-friendly play equipment. The equipment was safer for the kids to play on, as well as less harmful to the environment. 

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    I think some green projects get funding from private donors or companies who want to improve their reputation/image. If the projects are carried out by universities, many people and groups are willing to donate to an academic institution because they know the money will likely be used in a good way. Government funding, I think, is what drives funding for green projects, ex. subsidies, tax breaks, research and development funding because if the government support it, it must be credible more so than not. 

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