What do you think drives change, legislation or funding? I know they go hand in hand, but what is more important?



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    I think that funding is more important for change.  You are right, they do go hand in hand, but without funding what is the use of legislation?  Many times when a new idea comes forth, private funding is sufficient to at least get the idea rolling.  Legislation is very important, but if there is no money to support the legislation, it becomes pretty much useless.  The more funding that we have, the more direct the legislation can be with regards to pretty much everything.

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    I think major legislation is often driven by dramatic events or catastrophes. With almost every major legislation that has occurred within the history of the United States, has been preceded by a major event that has directly effected the lives of many Americans. 

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    It depends on what the legislation is, since funding is the same all around. If you have enough money to successfully advocate a bill, then the legislation will likely pass. There has to be money there after the passage of law in order to enact it, but once a new law is created, it takes a lot of money to pay for litigation to get it repealed too. Money will always be around, but I think what is more important is the kind of legislation that we allow to become law.

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    I agree with PFlanzenfaser, it seems to me that the legislation determines how the funds are distributed.  At base isn’t it a question of taking money to make money?  Hence various lobbying groups?

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    I have to say that funding drives change.  Legislation will not even be brought on the floor of Congress if there isn’t a plan to fund the proposed bill. Lobbyists are extremely important (both in a positive and negative way) in the process of passing legislation.  They carry a lot of weight in Washington, and they can have a real say in what legislation is passed and what is not.  Lobbyists are what drive/determine what gets funded, and so they play a large role in driving change as well.  

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