What do you think California should do with their water to solve their problems?



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    California (especailly southern California) is suffering from a drought right now. Some laws have been reinforced to take out sprinklers that have been used for front/back lawns. Proper education on California’s drought history can help people understand the importance of water use and teach people the importance of conserving water. 

    According to Don Thompsom from Huffington Post Los Angeles, “A drought that loomed over some of California’s most fertile farmland officially ended Wednesday after a winter of relentless mountain storms that piled snow up to three stories high and could keep some ski resorts open until the Fourth of July.” Of course this may have solved California’s drought problems for now. In the future, they need to step up their game and learn how to conserve water to prevent future droughts. There is never harm in learning how to do so now. 

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