What do you think of BP’s response so far to the Gulf oil spill?

Do you think this is a fair parody?



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    I don’t think that anyone right now thinks that BP is doing a great job of handling the situation.  The problem is that there isn’t really much that they can do now that it has become such a tremendous problem.  The reason that the flow hasn’t been stopped isn’t BP’s fault, there just isn’t a way to do it.  We don’t have an effective way to remove the oil, and even if we did, more oil is just taking its place.  The problem was that this happened in the first place, and BP knew that there was a chance that it was going to happen weeks before it actually did.  BP is doing all that it can to make sure that people are compensated for their losses; the government will take care of that if they don’t.  Hopefully their (and other) researchers are doing all that they can to find an effective way to stop the flow.

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