What do you think is the biggest mistake that green businesses make?



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    This is my own, biased, opininion, but I believe that “green” companies (or the majority) aren’t really “green”.  This is particularly true for science related industries.  For example, a particular company might research solar energy and how to make more efficient solar cells. That company might go through tons of toxic waste in their research to determine a slightly better solar cell. So the final product might be “green”, but the company’s processes do not reflect environmentally friendly research.

    Unfortunately, the average person doesn’t know this sort of information–which sucks because if the average person did, then the market for companies actually practicing environmentally friendly techniques would increase.

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    I think the biggest mistake that green businesses make are assuming that if they label it green it will automatically be attractive to consumers. I think green businesses have to concentrate making the best product they can with green practices.

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