What do you think is the best thing obama has done so far for the environment?



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    His aggressive incentive program for renewable energy markets is the biggest initiative any president has taken for the progression of renewable energy. If the Obama Administration’s Clean Energy Program is continued by future administrations then $150 billion will be invested in the clean energy sector over the course of ten years. A venture that is supposed to create five million jobs.

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    The best thing that Obama has done, is to re-consider the Keystone XL pipeline.  The Keystone XL pipeline has the potential to pollute aquifers in the midwest, bisect tribal land, and cause the, “end game” for the world climate.  It is clear that Obama should not even consider approving this pipeline.  Instead, he should be pushing full bore for renewable energy funding.  Yet it is a step in the right direction, so long as he does not go ahead with the pipeline when he gets re-elected.

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