What do you think is the best solution to China’s pollution problem?



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    China has some huge problems if it wants to curb its pollution emissions. Some of the main topics are: population, production and travel. China is an emerging country that is in stages of its growth that the U.S. was in during its Industrial Revolution. China produces many of the cheap manufactured products most Americans have in their homes. To produce these cheap products, Chinese manufactures burn coal. Approximately 70% of China’s total energy comes from coal and 80% of its electricity is coal burned fuel. Add all that to the rising population and the rising uses of automobiles and you achieve stifling pollution in all major cities.

    To combat this rising problem China needs to look to a clean fuel future. I believe that low impact energy producers are best, such as wind, solar and ocean hydro-electric. I also do not agree with some of the hydro-electric dams China has put into place, because natural habitats have been destroyed along with many natural fish spawning routes. Furthermore, I also think China should invest in clean fuel transportation and mass transit.


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