What do you think is the best pet for kids?


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    Turtles!  Yes, cats and dogs are furry – but cats are usually aloof at best, and dogs take tons of time and energy to keep up with.  Turtles are fun to have around, cheap to feed and take care of, and there are virtually no real risks associated with turtles.  Plus they’re QUIET – that’s a deal-breaker for me.

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    Hamsters and gerbils are also good options.  They are nicely contained and relatively low maintenance.  I had some growing up, and they were rather amusing.

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    I think fish are great pets for children to have.  Even though a child can’t pet or physically touch the fish, fish do teach a child life lessons.  The fish must be fed everyday, and their tank must be kept clean.  If the child doesn’t fulfill their duties, the fish will die.  This teaches kids that they must be healthy in their life as well, and it does allow them to learn responsibility.  Fish may have a shorter life span then other pets, but this teaches kids to deal with loss as opposed to them not knowing what to do when a beloved family member dies.  Also, fish are entertaining and a fish collection can grow and change quickly (this works well with short attention spans!).

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    Err turtles and fish are nice but…I think guinea pigs are great!

    They don’t take too much looking after and are really nice. Hamsters and mice do tend to bite; I’ve never had a guinea pig do more than nibble.

    Turtles are nice but don’t expect there to be that much contact unless you’re going to keep it in a cage. If they’re outside they like to hide and..sleep. XD 

    Fish, though, might bore the kids soon enough. It depends on the kids and who’s doing the feeding and maintenance but you wouldn’t want looking after a pet to become a chore they don’t want to do.

    Finally, dogs are great pets, though they do require quite some looking after. It can be really fun though, and as long as the children have fun with it, the cleaning/ petting/ walking feeding shouldn’t be too boring for them.

    Cats are lovely too but I think a dog would be better.

    With the last two, It’s good to go to adopt an unwanted dog or cat, instead of buying one (due to puppy, kitten mills and whatnot). But try to find one that’s been with kids before or a puppy or kitten. Generally, if you get them young, you can get them used to being pushed/ played with/ stroked/ cuddled; whereas some older dogs just wouldn’t like it. 


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    I always liked my Siamese fighting fish or Betta fish who I named Mr. T. (it was the 80’s back off!). I only had to feed it and it was fun to look at.

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    I was raised on a farm with almost every animal you can imagine and I feel like having a horse was my favorite. I liked the fact that you could really interact with it and teach it. Of course they are expensive and can be dangerous if not tamed properly, but horse back riding lessons are perfect for kids! 

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    I think that CHinchillas are very nice pets to have. My daugter has a female named Cindy and she loves her. SHe actually wants to get another and breed. They are very gentle, sweet, furry and soft. They are VERY easy to take care of. However, they do tend to shed. Chinchillas are playful and perfect!

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    It might sound a little gross, but rats actually make wonderful pets -the ones you buy from a pet store, of course!  They’re quite different from wild rats.  They almost never bite and are extremely clean, self-grooming sort of like a cat.

    They’re very intelligent and affectionate animals; they’ll cuddle you, learn tricks, and -unlike a lot of small pets- actually love being handled.  Plus, they’re not that difficult for a child of say, 8, to take care of by him- or her-self.  Just food, water, and (the most difficult part) changing the bedding in the cage.

    The only downside is that rats don’t live very long. It’s usually about three years; five at absolute most. 

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    I think it depends a lot on the age of the child. Cats can be very loving and tolerant around children. And if they’re unsure about a child, then they’ll usually avoid the child rather than bite! I wouldn’t recommend a dog for a child under 4 as dogs will sometimes bite. I think dogs are wonderful companions for older children and also will serve as a great way to teach a child about responsibility.

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    I have never had a dog but they say dogs are mans best friends, and the people I know who have dogs are really attached to them. So I think dogs are the best pet for kids, especially kids who are only child’s because they can develop strong connections with dogs. However, if it is a household with a lot of children that may not have enough attention to provide to pets then I think small pets like fish and hamsters may be a good option. I also have a friend who has a bunny as a pet and it is almost like a small dog or cat but probably less troublesome.

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    I always thought fish were pretty good pets for kids, but I may be biased because they were the only pets I ever had. Because fish cannot fend for themselves, they instill responsibility within kids. Kids must learn to feed the fish on a timely basis as well as clean the tank every once in a while. Another plus is that fish do not take up very much room and do not make a mess unless you spill the tank.

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    Here’s another vote for rats!  Only, I don’t recommend getting one from a pet store.  There are lots of rat rescues around the country, and several times per year they get overwhelmed with rats.

    These rats will come from hoarders, or even from science labs.  Happens all the time.

    The rats you get from the store have been bred in unsanitary conditions because they’re typically sold as feeders for snakes.  They don’t get good care at all, and can often be unhealthy.  Mycoplasma pneumonia is a huge deal with pet store rats.

    There are a few decent rat breeders around the country, but very few.  Some of the best ones have decided to get out of the business, and some of the crappy ones that had undeserved good reputations have also gotten out of the business.  That said, there are still some good breeders out there, you just have to look, but i HIGHLY recommend going a the route of a rescue, no matter what pet you decide to bring home.

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