What do you think is the best form of energy we have today?



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    The best form of energy we have is nuclear energy. Clearly, its not the cleanest form of energy, however of the types of energy that are currently available it is the cleanest and most environmentally friendly form of energy that can supply the energy needs of the world’s current population.

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    I think the best form of energy we have today is either solar or wind energy. Solar has great potential to become the leading source of energy. Once prices go down and states make better incentives for people to get renewable energy, there will be an endless possibility.

    Also, there are many areas in the US for large scale solar and wind energy to be used at a bigger level than just individual uses. A utility company in Texas called Austin Energy has built a wind farm out in West Texas to be used for customers to opt into their GreenChoice program and pay for using wind energy. They get the highest wind use during the night, because of that reason they are looking to couple the wind farm with a solar farm so they can use renewable energy all day. If a solar farm was out in West Texas as well they would be using solar during the day and wind during the night!

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    I think that one of the best forms of energy we have today is solar energy. There is a huge potential for solar energy, more solar energy systems need to be produced and utilized. In just one hour the Earth receives more power from the sun than the entire world uses in one year. Solar energy systems can be used both for commercial and residential purposes. They can also be portable, I have seen small solar energy system which charges a battery that can be mobile and can be used to run electronics and appliances such as a laptop.

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