what do you think are important personality characteristics for achieving a sustainable culture?



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    I think of the main qualities would be gratitude.  People need to be thankful for the abundance of natural resources that are available to them and use them with proper care and concern.  Another would be curiosity.  People should definitely be curious about consumer culture and its effect on the planet.

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    Above average IQ or above average compassion.  At the moment, living sustainability requires many sacrifices.  One needs to sacrifice laziness, certain foods, certain comforts and conveniences.  In order to give these sacrifices enough weight for someone actually to make them, either that person needs to possess the ability to reason why such sacrifices need to be made, and that small-scale efforts are the first step toward large-scale improvements, or that person needs to care so much for the well-being and perpetuation of his fellow humans that the sacrifices seem trivial.

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    I think it would have to do with the way people are raised. For example, I was raised not to litter, not to throw away anything that might be useful again in the near future and use only as much as I need. This stuck with me ever since. Culturally I come from a country that isn’t such a consumerist country like the western nations, my parents had a hard time making ends meet back in the day. It would take generations to change our way of living.

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    Effort, Dedication, Commitment, Endurance and Perseverance. Awareness and Conscious decision-making capabilities.  Empathy.

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