What do you think of all music being digitally manufactured?

Would you prefer no cds, cassettes, etc were made of contemporary music? Everything had to be downloaded or played through an online program. For example, Itunes, Napster like infrastructure.



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    I really don’t think it matters what I think, it seems the music industry is headed that way. As a consumer, it is very nice. Having all the music you need at the touch of a button is very convenient and is easy to access. On the other hand, turning music digital has been a pain on the artists, with all the pirating and such. However, now that it looks like music is going to stay on the internet instead of on cd’s, I think that pirating music will become harder. As more money is pumped into digital music, people will want to take care of their investment. 

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    I think it’s a horrible thing.  Without falling into Marx’s trap of commodification, when I buy something, I like to have an object.  Furthermore, there are ways to make that object valuable enough that I wouldn’t want to throw it away.  It’s a cultural travesty.

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    I don’t think the production of instruments has that profound of an impact on the environment. While digital music completely eliminates these little impacts, there is a cultural value of instruments. Besides, most quality instruments are hand made/assembled. 

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    I guess from a purely environmental perspective that would be a positive move, but I personally agree with Jeff- there’s something really nice about having a physical object, not just the song. It’s simlar to the way holding an actual book is nicer than reading on an e-reader.

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