What do you think about nuclear energy?



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    I think nuclear energy is ok as a tempory energy source as we transition from fossil fuels to renewables.  I don’t like it as a long time source because 1) it is a finite resource and 2) the mining of uranium causes a lot of environmental degradation. 

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    In the short run it is definitely a blessing. It allows to create zero-emissions energy that will not effect us in our lifetime. Nuclear energy provides us will a hell of a lot of energy, that could be a low cost, if done correctly. France is recycling much their nuclear waste, saving money and helping the environment. 

    In the long run, the main question is, where do we dispose of the nuclear waste? This question has yet to be answered. 


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    The main concern I have with nuclear energy is waste disposal.  I am still worried about the safety of the plants in general, but the most pertinent concern for the environment is nuclear waste disposal.  Nuclear waste takes an extremely long time to decay, and there haven’t been any viable containment solutions proposed.  After thousands of years in a barrel, the nuclear waste will start to break down its container and seep out — the waste can infiltrate the water supply and potentially cause enormous damage. Nuclear power should definitely be considered because it doesn’t burn fossil fuels, but the waste containment/disposal problem needs to be addressed before I will wholeheartedly support it.  

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