What do you think about population control as a means to reduce pollution and over-burdening resource consumption?



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    With the World population projected to reach 7 billion by the end of October, the question of what the capacity of our natural resources is definitely springs into the minds of many. Implementing China’s single child policy is an attractive option. But population control is a broad term that encompasses a variety of unethical policies.

    Empowering the poor with education and equal opportunity can have a significant effect on our future birth rates in developing countries. But again, much thought will have to be articulated on the subject in order to arrive at policies which both curb human populations and cherish our human rights.

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    In general, fewer people pollute less and consume less. This is not an absolute, however; 4% of the world’s population (the USA) consumes 25% of the oil and 45% of the gasoline in the world, and many other commodities are similar.

    Population control combined with significant lifestyle changes might do some good.

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