What do you think about pig factory farming?

Since the factory farmed pigs can harm our health, but why consumes still want to consume it?



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    I think that it is absoluetly inhumane.  It’s not good for the environment, it’s not good for the pigs, and it’s not good for us-so why is it still around?  The pigs are abused and forced to live their lives confined to tiny metal enclosures in unsanitary conditions.  People need to respect animals.  I am not saying that everyone needs to become a vegetarian (lets take baby steps here), but if people had respect for the animals and their welfare factory farms would come to an end and the animals would be raised on open range farms with far less hormones and a much better life.  When I was in high school my biology had to dissect fetal pigs.  A lot of us had a problem with doing so but the teacher made a good point, the pig had no hope of a good life, it was either a. not even experience life and be used for dissection or b. live out their lives in misery in a factory farm.

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    Addng to what mcoffey mentioned, I also think that pig factory faming is absolutely horrible and really sad. I actually didn’t know some of the conditions that these pigs lived in until i visited the link mcoffey provided, and I was horrified at what I saw. It’s ridiculous that these pigs are being treated like they are, and I can’t believe that more isn’t being done to stop it. I understand that humans do eat pork, but to treat these pigs like they are on death row for their entires lives is wrong. 

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    To answer the second part of your question, why would people consume flesh from pigs despite the threat to our health? This does not so much relate to the question about pig factory farms, but the answer to both is because people are unaware and ignorant, whether intentional or not. In my opinion, ignorance is not an excuse.

    First, most people are not aware or deny the negative effect on our health. It is rare that you will see an immediate effect of the food that you eat. It is over time, while the hormones and toxins build up in your body. Most people will say “people have been eating ham and pork for centuries if not longer. Obviously, there is nothing wrong.” People still say this despite the growing problems like obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and who knows what else that could be triggered by the hormones, antibiotics and toxins.

    People are also unaware of what happens in factory farms. If they have seen the few videos pertaining to the specific farms, they will say that this was just one farm and not all of them are like that.
    People generally do not care so much about animals. Religion tells us that we are superior and that god put animals on earth for us. People sometimes claim that by not eating animals, we would starve.. *rolls eyes*

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    I think it’s sad; just like I supported the bill to outlaw battery cages for chickens in my state, the chicken capital of the world, I would fight for any bill that came up that would make this illegal as well.

    People eat it because they are uninformed and it’s not in the public eye – and because it’s cheaper.

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