What do you think about the opposition in the Bay Area to PG&E installing smart meters?



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    A number of people in California have reported health concerns – headache, nausea and other problems.  Additionally there are concerns regarding the useage in areas that use gas and the potential of arcing (producing sparks) and fire.  There is some conversation about the 100% useage in San Bruno and the San Bruno fire that some want investigated to determine if the SmartMeter was a cause.  Other people have reported billing problems, interference with garage door openers or security devices.  On the other hand, they have been in use in Europe for many years without problems.  I think that these types of technological upgrades should be rolled out slowly and monitored before planning on making them mandatory in all areas.

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    I do not live in the Bay Area, and my information about the smart meters comes from a New York Times article covering the opposition.  I see two prominent issues come up for those against the installations: privacy and health concern.  I personally take no issue with the possible aspects of privacy, I use electricity, the companies know this already and I don’t fear conspiracy in that way.  As far as possible radiation effects, I do have concern there.  Though studies say that though there is correlation in cancer of the brain and cell phone radiation it doesn’t mean correlation, I’m left to feel concerned.  Especially after a This American Life program about the issue.

    So though I’d feel more comfortable with a non-wireless option for a smart meter, I think they’re a great idea.  Tracking your usage in 15 minutes increments?  Excellent!  I’d love to prove to my roommates what caused the spike in our bill last month!  And overall I think people will make use of the information, for economic reasons and environmental reasons, and make attempts to lower their usage.

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    The Smart Meter program has had opposition in almost all counties in California. PG&E’s first installation of the smart meter program and peak day pricing caused major spikes in people energy bill. I lived in Humboldt County and went to multiple smart meter public meetings. People are worried about energy waves that are put out throughout the day. This is the same worry about cell phone towers, except it will be attached to everyone’s homes, not intermittently throughout the state.

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