What do you think about Denver’s move to close its local coal plants?

Will they just be rebuilt elsewhere in Colorado or will the lost electricity be replaced with renewables?



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    This seems like a microcosm for what will eventually start happening more and more all around the country.  We know that coal-run electricity plants are bad for the environment.  Shutting them down saves the environment, but then we’re left with an electricity shortage.  Building new plants (or converting old ones) to run on natural gas or other renewables costs MONEY, which hits the taxpayers hard.  So which of the three is worse – killing the environment, having no electricity, or paying tons of money?  It’s a great debate, and I for one (as an admitted bleeding-heart) support the renewable plants, even though it will cost me more in taxes. 

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    It is a great step in the right direction, and hopefully other coal plants around the country will follow suit.  Replacing coal energy with renewables is exactly the mindset the country needs to be in to start making a noticeable difference.  However, if that is their plan, it will take time, money, and resources for that change to happen.  Denver could be playing a pivotal role in the overall picture of reducing carbon emissions in the states.

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    I think it is a step in the right direction and if they replace them with alternative energy sources then it will example to many other urban areas.

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