What do you think about the current situation of politics in the United States regarding the environment?



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    Environmental protection has been placed in the back-burner during Obama’s first three years in office, even though the administration has promised to reverse the anti-environmental policies that the Bush Administration had implemented the last 8 years before. The Great Recession, high unemployment rate, health insurance, war on iraq, EU debt crisis, natural disasters have kept the administration busy. I don’t blame them for not focusing more on protecting the environment and sustainability. Climate change is like a non-issue now. The huge divide between the democrats and republicans has made it difficult to get anything done. Budget cutbacks are shortchanging a lot of government agencies that do environmental protection work.  Overall, the problem isn’t that the environmental movement has been lackluster, its just there are too many more important national and international issues that needed more immediate attention. The recent State of the Union address brought forth renewed promises to increase green jobs, investment in renewable energy and public transportation, so hopefully this will bring some changes.

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    I believe it is extremely frustrating that most environmental issues have been categorized as liberal or democratic agenda items. This has really polarized the belief about climate change science between republicans and democrats. Some people even call recycling a liberal action when it should just be common sense to reuse an item and not take up unnecessary landfill space. Until we can work together to improve the health of the planet and the way we use resources as a nation, I think we are going to have to face a real environmental disaster to actually change. 

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    I agree with majphan and eblairbryant. Politics are very frustrating. Unfortunately, many of the things we want to do are being stonewalled by huge corporations that make the campaign contributions to politicians. Here are two songs about Obama that I think sum up the situation very well.

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