what do you think about the Corroboree frog ?



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    The Corroboree frog, from Australia appears to be a very interesting and brightly colored frog. The Corroboree is found in a very small area at altitudes above 1300 meters. Personally, I like the coloring of the frogs and how their individual patterns are different. It’s sad to find that these frogs are actually one of Australia’s most endangered frogs.    

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    At first glance, the frog looks poisonous because of its bright “warning” colors. After some searching on Google, it turns out that the Corroboree is indeed poisnous. In fact, it is the first vertebrate discovered to be able to produce its own poisonous alkaloids as opposed to getting it from its diet. Corroboree is an aboriginal Australian word that means gathering or meeting, where people get together and paint themselves with the markings of this frog.

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