What do you think about the birth defect cluster in Kettleman City, CA?

Here is a link to an LA Times story about it:



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    The birth defects were similar and in one city that is, according to EPA administrator Jared Blumenfeld, “a very vulnerable community at the confluence of large agriculture and pesticide use, heavy truck traffic, a chemical waste facility accepting PCBs and a proposed 600-megawatt power plant.”  Too many coincidences. 

    The county’s health administrator suggested that 5 cases was too small a number to draw any large conclusions, but the National Institute of Health’s statistics show 11 cleft palates per 1,000 births is typical, and not 5 out of 20 (or 250 out of 1,000) as is the case in Kettleman City.

    At the same time, I know that these cases take a lot of research, time, money and dedication to come to any conclusion.  While I believe there is a root cause, I am hesitant to say it will be decisively found.

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