What do you think about the Academy cutting short the acceptance speech for The Cove?



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    They have to cut pretty much everyone off in the hopes that they won’t go over the time slot. Self-centered celebrities tend to keep talking anyway, with no regard for this. More respectful people, such as those “lowly” folks accepting an award for a documentary, will stop when told to stop.

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    I think a big reason why they cut it short was because the one guy held up that sign.  They cut that camera away really quickly.  I think they probably thought that was too “hippie-ish” or something.   But i totally noticed it too though, they definitely cut them off. 

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    The Oscars cut a lot of things that shouldn’t have been cut short.  I feel like a lot of the awards that people tend to find “boring” or “uninteresting” were blatantly disrespected.  To be honest, the fact that they cut short The Cove (although I thought it was disrespectful) didn’t bother me as much as the presentation for Best Cinematography.  No clips from the movies for an award about camera and visual work?  Shameful.

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    Not much, they cut short every one’s speech at the academy awards. Unless they had a speech on par with the Gettysburg address the fact that they won will give them and their cause the most recognition and publicity.

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