What do you think is 1 product that people buy for their homes that is the worst for the environment?



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    The computer.

    1) It’s high-tech and expensive. That translates to huge manufacturing costs.

    2) It consumes energy every second it’s used.

    3) It has such significant disposal costs and ecological impact, in many cities it’s illegal to throw a computer in the trash, but instead they must be taken to a recycling center where a several dollar fee may be charged.

    Additionally, the use of the computer should be considered. A very good part of computer use is playing games or shopping.  The games might be just a waste of computer energy, but there’s also the mass market encouragement of Google, Facebook, new sites to spend more money that would not have been spent otherwise. In the balance ecologically — whatever their other merits — there have hardly been worse disasters than computers for shopping, casual conversation, and gaming.

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