What do you do to teach other people the importance of caring for the environment?



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    I always encourage people to do what they can. It’s difficult to go from the lifestyle of a consumer to one of little or no impact immediately but there are steps to be taken. If you focus on trying to bring in one or two small changes every couple of weeks then the help adds up and you start to feel good about the changes. Start with trying to recycle more, then use reusable bags, then try and shut the lights off in rooms you’re not using, then try and make a point to buy local food. It’s definitely incremental and you start to respect and honor the environment more.

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    One option is to show how things are connected between human activities and the environment; find a way of connecting the environment with people. For example, you have a friend that likes to fish, but is not really into recycling. So you tell your friend you should recycle for a variety of reasons, which your friend does not really care about. But then you say, “by recycling you are reducing the amount of resources that need to harvested from the earth, like the trees that make up the forest where you like to fish. So by recycling you are actually creating a healthier environment for the fish and ensuring that you can do something you enjoy, like fishing”. So your friend says, “well I better start recycling so I can ensure the future health of the fish”.

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