What do you need to make a greenhouse?



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    To start a greenhouse, you first need a location with ample sunlight. The southern or southeast side of trees or another building tend to be the best spots. If there is not enough sunlight, managing your greenhouse will be extremely difficult. 

    There are many different types of greenhouses one can choose to build. Some choose to attach a lean to style greenhouse to their home or garage. Others choose a separate building. The choice is simply personal preference and also based on how much money you are willing to spend.

    The materials for greenhouses can also vary. Glass is the most common choice and tends to look the best and is easiest to maintain. An aluminum frame with glass covering will provide an airtight structure with a long life that requires little to no maintenance of the actual structure. Fiberglass is a strong choice as well, but will require some maintenance down the road. It must be coated with resin every 10 years or so or else the fiberglass will not insulate properly. It is worth investing in a more expensive, higher quality fiberglass when initially building the green house and it will last longer. There are numerous plastics that can be used, some better than others. Plastics run the risk of bubbling or even partially melting when warming too much. Some plastics work well, just be sure to research very well before buying.

    Many home greenhouse kits require a poured concrete foundation similar to that of a home. This is not often reccomended as they will not drain well and will hold moisture from soils being used even when you do not want it to. Gravel floors are usually reccomended as it drains easily and can also be sprayed with water to raise the humidity inside of the house.

    There are so many options for greenhouses. It is best to decide exactly what you will be using your greenhouse for and find plans that fit you and your plants best!   

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