What do you need to know about recycling?



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    Perhaps the most important thing to know is what is recyclable in your area; what plastics, metals, and papers.  Is it single sort or do you have to separate it?  What curbside program does your city offer?

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    Recycling is a great way to reduces the amount of waste in landfills while saving energy and raw materials.

    The main thing to know about recycling is what can be recycled where. Different programs accept different materials. Some require sorting while others don’t. To be sure, you should look up your local recycling facilities, and contact them to know what can be recycled and what sorting methods are required.

    While some communities allow a single-stream recycling system where materials are sorted after pickup others require that you sort all materials at home.

    Most places prefer that you sort as follows:

    • Paper: Put newspaper in a separate bin from mixed paper materials. Discard napkins, tissues and packaging that is soiled by food.
    • Plastic: Check the number on the container. Some recycling facilities are limited to what they can accept. The most commonly accepted plastics are labeled as #1(bottles) and #2 (containers).
    • Glass: Bottles should be rinsed out and sorted by color. Other glass materials should be sorted separately
    • Metals: Aluminum cans and food cans should be rinsed before recycling. Aluminum foil is also recyclable. Cans that contained paint or other chemicals are considered hazardous and should be sorted seperately.
    • Other materials: check Earth 911 to see what other materials can be recycled in your area, including e-waste, CFL bulbs and other things that can be found at home.
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    It’s important to know the little gimmicks about recycling that they don’t really tell us but should.  Like, you need to unscrew the lids from plastic water bottles or they wont recycle them.  You can’t recycle most food containers like pizza boxes, napkins, styrofoam packaging, etc. because it will contaminate the other recycling and they’ll trash all of it.  You also can’t wrap up your recycling in a container other than the ones provided to you otherwise the labor force wont take the time to open it and will throw it out as well.

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