What do you learn in forestry school?



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    Students in graduate programs in Forestry explore how to protect and sustain forestland in the midst of the development that often threatens natural habitats, while allowing people to enjoy the forests through parks and recreational facilities. Graduates with a masters or PhD degree in forestry can become ecologists, biologists, conservationists and more. At Yale’s Forestry School, for example, faculty and students at F&ES conduct research in eight broadly conceived areas of environmental concern – biodiversity, forestry, global climate, industry, law and economics, urban systems, water, and social ecology.

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    Majors in forestry learn how to sustain and manage diverse forest resources through field work and classroom training in ecology, policy, economics, and biology, among others. They can specialize in forest products, land management, wildlife management, urban forestry, and other forest related fields. Forestry majors can concentrate on resource management for the logging industry or conservation, depending where their interests lie.

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