What do YOU do to help the environment?



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    -I walk to work.
    -I buy organic/fair trade/local foods as much as I can.
    -While I’m not completely a vegetarian, I severly limit my meat intake (to like one serving per every two weeks or so).
    -I am a coffee addict so I make sure to have my travel mug on me at all times so I never have to use a paper or styrofoam cup.
    -I blog and tweet about environmental issues (@cameronbruns) and stay engaged in the environmental movement.
    -I was my laundry in cold water and air dry my clothes whenever possible.
    -I recycle.
    -I unplug all of my appliances when they aren’t in use.
    -I only use compact flourescent lightbulbs in my apartment.
    -My livingroom rug is made from sustainable fibers (Meridameridian.com)
    -I bring my own bags whenever I shop.

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    I make many efforts to limit my consumption in general.  I try to turn on my heat or air conditioning as little as possible.  Also, I hate having lights on when not needed.  Fortunately, my apartment does not have overhead lighting.  At first I hated it, but now I realize that I use a lot less energy this way.  I know these seem like they wouldn’t make much of a difference, but my gas and electric bills are really low so it is obviously doing something.

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    I walk a lot, I much prefer this to driving. I bring reusable bags when I shop. I recycle and compost. I reuse plastic bags. I recycle clothing. I wash my clothing in cold water and air dry it. I eat communally. I don’t watch TV. I have a reusable water bottle and don’t buy bottled water. I buy local food whenever possible. I am very careful about my energy and water consumption. 

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    There are a few simple things that I do daily that can positively impact the environment. Because I live in New York City, the majority of what I need daily, like groceries and running errands, are in walking distance from me. I walk every day, and when I have to go places I take public transportation as much as possible. Another simple thing I do every day is recycle, which is a small way that I can help the environment.

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