What do you have to change in a car to make it run off of natural gas?



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    To convert a gasoline powered car to burn natural gas, you have to change the fuel injection system. The car will need fuel injectors that are capable of injected natural gas, or you will have to come up with some alternative form of a carburetor for natural gas, which you would have to build yourself. Also, if your car has a computer monitoring the fuel injectors, then you will have to modify the computer program to tell the fuel injectors to send the correct amount of fuel to the engine. And then of course, you will have to change the gas tank for something that can hold compressed natural gas. Depending on the quality of your engine, you may also have to change the piston rings to ones that do not allow gas to leak through the cylinder.

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    You must convert the engine and the fuel tank. EPA and CARB certified engine conversion systems are not sold to untrained or unapproved installers. The cost to convert to CNG can range from about $12,500 to $22,500 depending on the vehicle, engine, size of CNG tanks needed, and who does the converting. The greatest expense is for the CNG tanks, and the more capacity and number of tanks, the more expensive the conversion. There are only four SVM (Small Volume Manufacturers) of retrofit systems offering EPA certified systems – BAF Technologies, Baytech Corp., FuelTek Conversion Corp., and Impco Technologies.

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