what do you find in a river?



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    Besides the obvious, there are actually numerous chemicals in river water.  Too many, in fact to even attempt to name here.  Check out the citation for a compete list.

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    Many animals and plants live in rivers and streams. Anacondas, one of the longest snakes in the world, live in the muddy floor of rivers. Another interesting one is the Boutu river dolphin, some of which are pink, which has a bottle like nose with bristles on it. They also have more than 100 teeth. The puffer fish, which inflates its body with water when it thinks it is in danger, is also found in rivers. The intimidating and carnivorous Red Piranha inhabits rivers as well. 

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    You can also find these really interesting mini lobster-like things called Crayfish! They have an exoskeleton and run on the rocks under water. They are very neat little guys!

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