What do you feel is the best major to go into right now with the angry economy still at large?



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    First, I will preface this answer by saying that, regardless of your likelihood of getting a good job or a high paycheck, it is important to study something you enjoy or are at least interested in. An education is worthless if it doesn’t jive with you personally. A degree in engineering means nothing if you hate engineering!

    So, here are the top-paying bachelor’s degrees, by average starting salary, of 2010:

    1. Petroleum Engineering  $86,220

    2. Chemical Engineering  $65,142

    3. Mining & Mineral Engineering $64,552

    4. Computer Science  $61,205

    5. Computer Engineering  $60,879

    6. Electrical/Electronics & Communications Engineering $59,074

    7. Mechanical Engineering $58,392

    8. Industrial/Manufacturing Engineering $57,734

    9. Aerospace/Aeronautical/ Astronautical Engineering $57,231

    10. Information Sciences & Systems $54,038

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    According to one website, the top five majors in demand are finance, accounting, mechanical engineering, business administration and management, and electrical engineering.

    Other websites will list different majors, obviously. Ultimately, you should choose a major that you sincerely enjoy. Don’t pick it because you’ll have an easier time finding a job or because it pays a lot.

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    I don’t care what any website says, Environmental Law will be a very prevalent topic in the near future. 

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