what do you feed a wild baby possium



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    Wildlife experts strongly advise against trying to raise or feed a wild baby opossum, but instead recommend turning them over to a wildlife rehabilitator.  However, here are some tips if you plan to try:

    First you must treat dehydration by giving fluids by mouth using a 1 cc syringe, eye-dropper, or pet nurser. Offer the fluids at room temperature hourly for up to 6 hours. Do not exceed 12 hours.  Use only the fluids listed below:         

    • Gatorade ( regular or clear flavors)
    • Pedialyte (clear, no flavor)
    • Sugar/salt water:  3 teaspoons Sugar, 1 teaspoon salt dissolved in 1 quart very warm water.  Cool the water to room temperature before offering it to the baby.

    Next you want to begin feeding the opossum formula.  Always begin new infants on dilute formula, working up to full strength formula gradually.

    • 1 part ESBILAC powder
    • 3 (instead of the recommended 2) parts Water

    You must administer the feeding with a 1 cc syringe to start until the opossum is strong enough to drink it from a bowl.

    Once the opossums teeth has teeth, you can begin the self-feeding diet, which is base chow (Science Diet), soaked in water to soften.  Additionally, pour formula over the soaked chow until the babies have been weaned from formula at 10 weeks of age.

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    As necolepe said, it is strongly recommended that you do not try to raise wild animals.  However, this site might also be helpful in trying to determine a diet that will work for juvenile possums: http://www.opossum.org/diet.htm

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