What do you call a plant that eats living things?



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    Plants that eat living things are called carnivorous plants. There are several types: Pitcher plants that are filled with pungent smelling liquid that attracts flies, the Venis Flytrap and there are several types of plants with sticky leaves that trap insects.

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    There are actually several different plants that eat insects. Three are the pitcher plant, sundew plant, and venus flytrap. There may even be more, but these are primarily the plants that people think of when they think of predatory plants. However, the process by which these plants entice and gobble up their prey is a bit different than that on Mario Brothers. The pitcher plant emits the smell of nectar and then drowns the unlucky victims that manage to drown in its pools, and the sundew plant traps the insect in sticky liquid in its petals. The venus flytrap, on the other hand, actually does snap shut around the insect that attempts to enter.

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