What do we use for tennis racket strings now?



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    Tennis racket strings are usually made from kevlar, nylon, polyester, or in some instances, the guts of a cow as they were originally made from.

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    Like Seemama50 said, tennis players can choose between four different types of string: natural gut, kevlar, nylon, and polyester. Natural gut is 100% fiber andprovides good feel as it has vibration dampening properties. Natural gut is actually derived from the intestine of adult steers. They are relatively impervious to moisture and humidity unlike the other types of strings, but they are susceptible to damage during extreme changes in temperature. 

    Nylon strings vary in appearance and texture. They range from 15-18 gague with 15 gague being the thickest and 18 being the thinnest. The thicker the gague the more durable the string will be but with thickness comes a lack of feel and controll for the ball.

    Kevlar is a very durable string, much more durable than the 15 gague Nylon string. It is made of the same fibers that are used to make bullet proof vests.

    Polyester strings are the most popular type of string for top players because it offers great durability and good overall feel. These type of strings have very little movement and are less susceptible to string breakage.

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