What do we use the pictures we get from space for?



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    Well, many attribute the environmentalist movement’s takeoff to space-based photographs. When astronauts visited the moon 40 years ago, they snapped a photo of the Earth. This was the first time we’d ever seen a real photograph of our planet, and for many people it was a moment of great enlightenment as we realized how tangible and finite the planet we live on really is.

    Now, depending on who takes the photos, photographs from space are used for various ends. They can be used to teach us more about the extraterrestrial world, they can be used as art, or they can be used to simply give us context.

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    There are many uses for these pictures from space.  Lots of them end up in text books, they can be sold as posters, or even used to show which cities have the most light emitting from them, or even the widespread effects of an errupting volcano. 

    Google has also used a lot of satellite pictures to great google earth, a cool web tool that you can see the arial view of practically anywhere in the world.

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    Pictures of space are of immense scientific value.  They tell us the nature of the visible universe, giving us an idea of the number of galaxies, stars, and planets that may be out there.  Take a look at the Hubble Deep Field picture.  It basically sums up space photography in its scope and intent. 

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