What do we use nanodiamonds for?



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    Nanodiamonds are achieved through detonation. THey are used for several applications, including lapping and polishing, adding to engine oils, making of dry lubricants, reinforcing fillers for plastic and rubbers, and adding to galvanic electrolytes. In medicine, it was recently found that nanodiamonds can be useful to protect chemotherapeutic drugs as they travel to cancerous cells in the body.

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    Nanodiamonds are ultra-small diamonds of about 4-6 nanometers in diameter.  That’s about 1/100 of a wavelength of visible light.  We use them for polishing, engine oil additives, dry lubricants, reinforcing plastics and rubbers, additives to electrolytes, and a few medical uses, including shuttling chemotherapy drugs to cells without negative effects and enhancing MRI capabilitiies.

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