What do we use to make mulch?



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    Mulch is made from a variety materials. It’s made from organic materials such as grass clippings, leaves, hay, straw, bark, shredded sugar can waste, sawdust, shell, wood chips, shredded newspaper, cardboard, wool, and manure. There are also synthetic mulches made from rubber (old tires) and plastic. It’s not unusual for rock or gravel to be used as a form of mulch as well.

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    We also use mulch from pine straw (that falls off the pine tree), pine bark (which is made from the scraps of trees that are turned into lumber), and eucalyptus mulch.

    The one type of mulch that is bad for the environment is cypress mulch! They are made from clear cutting old and new growth cypress trees. These trees are the gulf states best defense against hurricanes and are a place of habitat for many endangered species.

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