What do we use the majority of our grain on right now?



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    One quarter of the grains grown in the United States are used for biofuel, according to a 2010 analysis of a 2009 USDA report.

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    I was unable to find a website that calculated it all down, which is surprising.  But from the evidence of the articles I would say that we use the majority of our grain for feeding livestock, which was definitely true 14 years ago.  According to Cornell University, in 1997 we could have fed 800 million people with the grain we used to feed livestock.  Two to five times more grain is needed to make the same amount of calories from meat. 

    Livestock is also where the majority of our water goes to, and the process emits more fossil fuels than that of transportation.  It’s reason enough to cut down on meat in your diet!

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    In addition to all the corn grown for biofuels and livestock feed over 4 percent goes to making high fructose corn syrup. That’s a lot of grain growing on arable land that people can’t eat.

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