What do we use kelp for?



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    One of the first uses for kelp in modern times was for its iodine content. This was mixed with table salt to prevent the iodine-deficient disease goiter (a thyroid gland problem). However, ancient Europeans used kelp as a fertilizer in farming. To the Japanese, kelp has been used to inhibit breast cancer. It is also known to remove heavy metals from your body or radioactive materials. Medicinal uses for kelp have been around for centuries. The modern food industry uses kelp for emulsifiers, suspending agents, and stabilizers in the processing of some foods.

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    Kelp also makes an excellent daily “multi vitamin”; it is very high in iron, potassium, and calcium–all of which are especially beneficial for women during pregnancy.

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    Kelp has also been proposed as a renewable energy source. A strong argument for this is that kelp would be produced on the open ocean, and so irrigation would not be necessary as it is for biofuels like corn ethanol.

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