What do we use cottonwood trees for?

They seem to grow really fast.



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    Cottonwoods are used for lumber and as windscreens. The wood they produce is not very good for burning, and is of a fairly low value, but is quite strong. It is often used for things like pallets and shipping crates.

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    Cottonwood trees are very useful in an ecological sense. Cottonwood trees can be used to help stabalize river banks. They will help keep soil erosion in check by keeping sediments from overtaking an area. In addition to trapping these sediments, water quality is improved by the cottonwoods because it filters through these sediments and leaves all of the gunk behind, leaving cleaner water to flow downstream. They also help to replenish ground water and the water table by keeping the streams and rivers from going in a straight line, allowing the river to wind its way along a greater area. Cottonwoods can also help wildlife in the area by providing a sheltered habitat to fish and other water organisms.

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